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Item Sponsorship

Dream Theatre Co. encounters a great number of items of cost to put on open air productions. There are the infrarstructure costs for items that are taken for granted inside the usual theatre building.

The adjacent list illustrates the larger costs involved in the next production.

We would be pleased if you would consider sponsoring part or all of one of the items.

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Sound & Lights (hire) £5500
Costume (hire & purchase) £1000
Props £250
First Aid (St Johns Ambulance attendance) £500
Programme Printing £1200
Audience seat cushions (purchase) £1200
Production/Insurance £600
Ticket Printing £200
Communication Radios (purchase) £2400

Raffle Prizes

If you are not able to sponsor us for the above costs, we would gratefully accept any raffle prize you may wish to offer - from a weekend break to a pound of sausages!

I/We would like to sponsor The Dream Theatre Co.'s next production.

I/We would like to sponsor the in the sum

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